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We design and manufacture our own lines in our French workshops. The Safran Paris products combine impeccable quality and innovative design.
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The Table

A different vision of tableware...
Our core aim is to enhance the most renowned tables to make them truly perfect, right down to the smallest details. Our collection is developed based on the most stringent requirements: ease-of-use (both for table service and the end user) and harmonious designs (our designs are innovative and work well together, making for contemporary and well-configured tables). We do everything to meet your expectations and make your dining tables stylish and welcoming.

The Buffet
A bespoke buffet
We have developed a wide range of buffet stands and accessories. Combine materials, blend shapes and add style to your buffet. Our experience and knowledge of the requirements of the luxury sector have enabled us to design a collection that meets each and every requirement.
The Suite
Every single detail counts
We have developed a complete range of small pieces for room service because we understand that each and every moment needs to be unique. Our range comprises stands, trays, small glass bowls and porcelain pieces. Our bespoke design service will add a special touch to your most luxurious suites. Let’s work together to create your designs and inspire emotion through our attention to detail.
The Bar
A single know-how
A collection of champagne buckets and bowls in pewter, partly designed by Eric Berthés. A refined design with very contemporary notes: unusual objects in a world of artistic pewtersmith. Highly accomplished products which rely on an intimate knowledge of this noble metal and a unique skillin working polished pewter.