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A different vision of tableware...
Our core aim is to enhance the most renowned tables to make them truly perfect, right down to the smallest details. Our collection is developed based on the most stringent requirements: ease-of-use (both for table service and the end user) and harmonious designs (our designs are innovative and work well together, making for contemporary and well-configured tables). We do everything to meet your expectations and make your dining tables stylish and welcoming.



Our porcelain collections are designed and handmade in our workshop in the Auvergne Region of France. By creating movement, making time stand still, asserting a style or suggesting lightness, our unique know-how provokes an emotional reaction by subtly contrasting materials, such as the purity of enamel on the matt and raw whiteness of biscuit porcelain. Everyone will be able to identify with the design of one of our collections or commission their own bespoke range.


Discover our range of high-quality cutlery: silver plated, black and silver lacquer with butterfly and spiral decors.

Tableware accessories

Our table accessories: butter dishes, presentation, appetizers, candle holders


Dress your tables in leather: elegance, warmth and refinement. Play on colours and shapes with our collections of leather placemats.

Table linen

Custom-made preparation : tablecloths, towels, etc....

Champagne bowls and...
A single know-how
A collection of champagne buckets and bowls in pewter, partly designed by Eric Berthés. A refined design with very contemporary notes: unusual objects in a world of artistic pewtersmith. Highly accomplished products which rely on an intimate knowledge of this noble metal and a unique skillin working polished pewter.
Carbon Trays

Revolution in the hotel industry. The first carbon tray, designed by Chef Yannick Alléno, is the result of an intense collaboration with Safran. An avant-garde and technological product, its success is based on the qualities of a material used in the aeronautics industry: lightweight and hyper-resistant. Pure design, the aesthetic choices of the carbon tray meet the concerns of professional use: light (1.6 kg), handy and functional, it is an innovative solution for the professionals of the hotel and gastronomy top of the line. It greatly improves the quality of work, and confers an ideal comfort to its users.