Private collection of Chef Fabrice Vulin

mercredi 22 août 2018

We had the privilege of signing the custom made plates collection "Butterflies "for the starred-chef of the Tasting Room in Macao, Fabrice Vulin!

In collaboration with chef Fabrice Vulin, we have created a custom collection composed of a limited series of porcelain plates and unique accessories to dress the Tasting Room dining room.

Fabrice Vulin, chef 2**

Fabrice Vulin, Chef of the Tasting Room restaurant at the City Of Dreams in Macao, member of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, holds 2 Michelin stars.

For more than 10 years, we have worked with Fabrice Vulin through various projects, so it is naturally that we have responded to the chef's request to set up a collection for the Tasting Room.

Tasting Room

A creative work

It is in our workshops in Clermont-Ferrand that the "Butterflies" private collection was designed, using the chef's comments to define a graphic universe that corresponds to it.

We have designed patterns, plate by plate, to offer a wide and unique range. We opted for the application of some platinum patterns to energize the collection and guarantee the refinement.

We have selected 45 models of porcelain plates, decorated with engraved or relief butterflies.

Atelier 1
Atelier 2
Atelier 3

Fabrice et DenisLE CHOIX DU CHEF

"It is because I was born in the French Alps, rocked by the elements of nature that my cuisine is inspired by them. This goes from the choice of the best product to the design and realization of the recipe, then comes the alchemy of the support. To sublimate my work, the elegant "butterflies collection", with its pure and correct lines, provokes the perfect alchemy. (...) In China the butterfly symbolizes love, happiness, lightness and longevity.  These are part of my culinary signature. »

A harmony of tableware

As an ambiance creator, we have developed a line of accessories and table linen to create an aesthetic harmony of the table and thus promote the customer experience within the Tasting Room.

Table rouge
Table avec plat
Table verte

Unique culinary creations!

The chef and his team offer unique, original and delicate creations that fit perfectly into the bucolic decor of our custom-made plates.

Equipe cuisine
Zoom cuisine
Assiettes cuisine

Our plates elegantly reveal the chef's creations to Tasting Room guests.

Cuisses de grenouilles
Étage poissons fleurs
baba au rhum
Mains chef
2 barres poissons
Chantilly jaune