Teapot Fuku White
Teapot Fuku White

Teapot Fuku White

Japanese teapot whose traditional manufacture dates back to 1604 in the northern region of Japan.
It has an optimized inner shape for effective infusion. It is 30% lighter than a traditional cast iron teapot. Triple layer of enamel for high strength.
Full "drip-free" pouring cup.
Designed by Japanese designer Ken Okuyama..

Cast iron / Enamel
37 cl

Teapots Hikô


Soft and rounded line for a classic style or angular for a modern style.

Our traditional Japanese Hikô teapots are available in various forms and colors.

Choose yours !

Teapots Hikô


Our collection of teapots is manufactured in Japan by a company founded in 1604.

The craft techniques were preserved until today and the exclusive Japanese Wa-zuqu cast iron is of the highest quality and purity.

Compared to mass production methods, this production is for 99% free from industrial waste.

In the collection

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