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The autonomous cold trolley

Technology & design to enhance your customer experience

A unique mobile solution for hotels, restaurants and event professionals: 
the eC1 is an innovative autonomous cold cart. It combines technology, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Designed and manufactured in France, the eC1 required more than 3 years of R&D.
It meets both the demanding HACCP food safety standards and the aesthetic needs of the world’s most luxurious establishments.

The eC1 is the first battery-operated cold cart on the market offering adjustable fan-cooling from 0°. This cooling technology ensures the preservation of the taste and appearance of your creations and also avoids waste.

It is available in different colors and finishes and is also customizable to blend in with any atmosphere.

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Choose your style

The eC1, autonomous cold trolley white

White / Brushed brass

The eC1, autonomous cold trolley cream

Cream / Brushed brass

The eC1, autonomous cold trolley black

Black / Brushed brass

The eC1, autonomous cold trolley
The eC1, 8h autonomy

8h autonomy

Battery operated for total freedom

Its removable battery guarantees height hours of autonomy for five hours of recharge, at an ambient temperature of 25°C.

Free yourself from the limitations and present your products wherever you want.


Adjustable temperature from 0°C

Our unique technology offer a ventilated cooling system adjustable to a tenth of a degree under a closed bell.

The freshness and the presentation of your products is guaranteed up to the customer’s table.

The eC1, Ventilated cold
The eC1, autonomous cold trolley
The eC1, LED lighting

Led lighting

Bring your creations to light

A high quality Flos 2700k LED lighting integrated and remotely controllable from the cart’s mobile app. 

The perfect light to showcase your products.


Expand your possibilities

The Corian tray offers a large space to display your pastries in the best conditions. The cold zone is covered with an easy-to-open Plexiglass® cover that guarantees a perfect temperature for your products.

A retractable serving board allows you to keep your plates and accessories within easy reach.

The eC1, optimal ergonomics
The eC1, High quality materials


Lightness, strenght and mobility

The structure of the cart in aluminum, wood and stainless steel guarantees resistance and lightness for a perfect mobility.

It is equipped with a Plexiglass® cover to avoid condensation and a Corian® tray offering a high degree of cold inertia. it is dressed with a high quality "high gloss" lacquer and brushed brass metallic finishes.

In addition, for a perfect mobility on all floor types, the eC1 is mounted on four pivoting stainless steel polyamide wheels with non-marking polyurethane tread.

The eC1

Remove control & monitoring

Your trolley at your fingertips

The trolley is remotely controllable from your mobile.
You can change the temperature with a simple clickusing
4 pre-set programs.

Be notified of the remaining battery life and abnormal
temperature variations.

The functions :

> Choice of cold program (4 pre-recorded programs)
> Lighting control
> Battery level control
> Indoor and outdoor temperature
> Battery and temperature statistics
> Control multiple carts from one application

To access the complete collection of eC1 cold carts,

Technical specifications

Homogeneous distribution of refrigerated air with adjustable lateral flow from 0°C to 20°C

Battery autonomy of 8 hours with an ambient temperature of 25°C (autonomy tested with the cover closed)

Power 120W/24Vdc
24Vdc 15Ah lithium battery

Charging on protected electric plug according to the standards in force 220Vac/16A

50dB at one meter

High quality Flos Led lighting.
Light temperature 2700K

4 customizable cold programs presets: pastries, sushi, chocolate, savory desserts, ...

4 stainless steel swivel wheels in polyamide with non-marking polyurethane tread.

Total weight of 200kg (depending on decor)

Alt Alt Alt THE WHEELS For a perfect mobility on all floor types, the trolley is mounted on four pivoting stainless steel polyamide wheels with nonmarking polyurethane tread.

100% French
design & manufacturing

Meets the requirements
of food safety standards

1 year

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