C11, The carbon cart

The evolution of the buffet

Alt Mobility + Lightness + Already innovative with the creation of the first carbon tray,
we decided to create an alternative to the classic fixed restauration locations.
Smaller footprint + Optimal working surface + Aestheticism

Alt Alt Change your vision of the buffet: bring unique emotions to life, expand your creativity.

Offer unique moments


Expand your desires

Discover the C11, the first mobile and deployable display unit in carbon fiber.


Mobile & lightweight

Thanks to its all-carbon structure, the cart offers high mechanical strength and total mobility.

Set up your buffet anywhere in the hotel.

rhythm & accessibility

Aerial design

The different heights of the shelves give visual rhythm as on a classic buffet: 50cm from the highest to the lowest point.

The layout of the trays guarantees perfect accessibility to the complex, even for people with reduced mobility. 

The lacquer and metal finishes give a unique, high-value style.

a small footprint


When folded, the C11 takes up very little space with a diameter of just 85 cm.

When fully opened out, it spans 2.50 m and provides a total working surface area of more than 2.5 m2 - as much as a traditional buffet stand.

Respect for the codes in the generous offer (11 trays), while responding to a strong trend: avoiding food waste.

Reinvent the buffet

Provide new experiences

Free yourself from limitations and offer events anywhere.

Give your customers unique experiences while meeting your operational constraints.

Technology & Design

The carbon revolution

Three years of research and development were necessary for our design office to develop the C11.

Manufacture and assembly of the structure is done in Italy in a factory specializing in engineering and manufacturing of parts and chassis for the world of motorsport.

The use of carbon fiber has allowed us to develop an extremely lightweight extendable unit with high mechanical performance.

high-end finishes

The elegance of a glint

The carbon structure of the C11 is coated with several layers of a deep and hardwearing lacquer. The trays are ringed with metal that brings shine and reflections.

Choose your style

C11, Carbone trolley whithe

White / Polished brass

C11, Carbone trolley black

Black / chrome


Customise your trolley

The C11 trolley has a range of accessories: covers, placemats, resins and baskets. Create your own vision of the buffet.

Click here for more information on accessories.

Technical specifications



Total height: 
120 cm

Height between highest and lowest trays: 
50 cm

Diameter when folded:
85 cm

Span unfolded:
250 cm

Max. weight supported at the end of the arm:

Tray dimensions : 
11 trays from 35 to 50cm in diameter. 

5 pivoting wheels
2 of which have brakes.

Alt Alt Alt

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